Making Sensor Performance Better

There will be over a 100 billion sensors in use by 2023 with a combined value of 280 billion USD. Sensors will be used by driverless vehicles, by the building industry and in security. Vast amounts of data are generated by sensors, for example: an autonomous vehicle outputs 400 GB of data per hour. How to handle that data in real-time is a problem that Headlight AI team have already solved.

Headlight AI is the only company that makes sensor performance better using our (patent-pending) AI software.

We can make your sensors smarter. This is the case even in poor conditions.

Using our software means you can get much better results with low cost sensors and it extents their shelf-life.

Our software trains sensors to adapt in real-time to their environment, handling large quantities of data in real-time. An example is enabling a drone to work out where it is in a GPS denied location, like an underground tunnel. Our software ensures the sensors can be used to measure on moving platforms to produce better 3D maps faster.

We are shedding light on global problems and providing solutions.

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