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Headlight AI awarded two Innovate UK Grants

Headlight AI has been selected to lead a multi-million pound project involving academic institutions and SME's from the UK.

The Prometheus project is concerned with the inspection, exploration, and interaction of unknown environments which can only be accessed through limited access pipes or bore-holes.

CHIMERA is a mobile inspection and repair robot that will revolutionise the inspection, repair, and maintenance in restricted and difficult to access environments. Focussed on Group 2 pressure vessels without breaking containment or depressurising. Technology read-across to nuclear steam generator and gas turbine engine inspection and repair.

Our CTO visits NASA with Innovate UK

Delighted to report our CTO, Puneet Chhabra, is part of a small delegation selected to visit locations in the USA on a #robotics #AI #GlobalExpertMission to identify areas of collaborations with the USA. #NASA #JohnsonSpaceCenter #InformandInspire @UKRI_News πŸ€–πŸ’ΌπŸš€ Read more.

Our founders are invited to 10 Downing Street

Jameel and Puneet visit 10 Downing Street for the GovStart Program

Suzannah joins Headlight AI

We are delighted to announce that Suzannah joins Headlight AI as a R&D Project Manager to help us with our grant projects.

Eliott joins Headlight AI

Elliott joins Headlight AI as a Deep Learning Engineer, helping the team further develop our SLIM™ product.

Ujjar joins Headlight AI

Ujjar is now part of an exciting team at Headlight AI. He joins as a senior systems engineer (robotics) bringing his experience in commercial autonomous vehicles and systems integration.

See in the dark with Headlight AI. Founder's Interview with Shack15.

Jameel and Puneet discuss Headlight AI @Shack15.

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