Solving challenges for underground surveying


There is a need for resilience across critical infrastructure, as many assets are aging and require regular inspection, maintenance, or rebuilding. More stringent regulations are already being introduced, especially to deal with climate change and increasing urbanisation.

Our vision is to be the leading company globally in the development of smart assessment, digitisation, and digitalisation tools for critical infrastructure across utilities, transport, and construction.

Our mission is to help organisations digitise and assess their critical infrastructure, across the most extreme environments, in all weather conditions, any time of day, above and below ground. We have started with critical water and wastewater assets.

We are a team of scientists and engineers that integrate advanced sensors and electronics with proprietary software and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable robots to operate and collect survey data in challenging and hazardous environments. Our products and technologies help improve health and safety, de-risking underground surveying, and provide scalable solutions for infrastructure inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation.

Using our solutions organisations can more effectively manage and minimise risks associated with their complex infrastructure assets, whilst simultaneously reducing their costs and carbon emissions.

This is our story so far...


Jameel and Puneet meet at EF

After meeting at Entrepreneur First in London (EF9) in 2017, the co-founders began conducting market research and exploring challenging sensing problems for robotics in extreme environments, utilising their unique deep tech backgrounds.

First prototype

Improvising with a skateboard

It was clear that light-based sensing was a technology with great potential across many valuable applications, where visibility and situational awareness are critical (e.g. autonomous vehicles, infrastructure monitoring, security etc.), this led to experimenting with many types of sensors and processing software; even LiDAR on a skateboard in local tunnels!

Technology trials and fundraising

Customer trials and joining PUBLIC

After securing some initial funding from EF, we began to develop the technology further and working with potential customers in the water and wastewater industry over several technology trials. We were accepted into the PUBLIC programme to further develop the business strategy, start engaging with both the public and private sectors, and to secure further funding.

Seed funding

Seed round led by First Derivatives

We secured our seed funding round led by First Derivatives (via Kx Ventures) and this allowed us to expand the team, initiate our 2 Innovate UK projects (Prometheus and Chimera), and continue to develop our product and continue larger trials with customers. We were one of the few tech start-ups invited to 10 Downing Street.

Customer validation

Mapping 8km of a major sewer for Wessex Water

After conducting initial technology trials in sewers in Bristol, we were awarded a contract to survey 8km of the Bournemouth Coastal Interceptor Sewers (BCIS) by Wessex Water. This was a much larger inspection and data processing task, where Telesto™ (now our flagship product) was first deployed in a live sewer.

Award-winning technology

Our flagship product, Telesto™, won several awards

In 2020, we won several awards for Telesto™; the Utility Pipeline Technology of the year award by the Pipeline Industry Guild and the Innovation Award (for SW England) by the Institute of Water. We were also the finalist in the Engineering Talent Awards.

Telesto in the market

Introducing Telesto™ to the UK market

After working closely together in technology trials over 2019 and 2020, Bright Innovations Group became our first Telesto™ customer and began deploying Telesto™ in assets across the UK water and wastewater network.

Customers and Partners

Meet the team

Dr. Puneet Chhabra
Co-founder & CTO
Dr. Jameel Marafie
Co-founder & CEO
Dr Ujjar Bhandari
Senior Systems Engineer (Robotics)
Suzannah Dickinson
R&D Project Manager
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Come join the team

We’re looking for people that want to help advance critical infrastructure and digitise the built environment.

Are you curious and a creative problem solver? Do you like working on complex challenges within sensing, robotics, or AI, and strive to keep on learning? Do you want to make a difference in the built environment? If you answered yes to all these questions, and want to join us, then do get in contact.

The benefits


You will receive plenty of opportunities to advance your existing skills and gain new knowledge in robotics, AI, and many other relevant fields of expertise.

Company pension

All employees receive company pension contributions after 3 months of employment, this is in addition to your own selected pension contributions.

Team events

We have team events to celebrate the various occasions throughout the year. In 2021, we hope to get back to doing this regularly and make up for all the lost events of 2020!

Annual leave

You will be entitled to 28 holidays per year upon your employment, and this will increase every year by 1 day, up to 38 holidays per annum (after 10 years of service).

Job openings

Robotics Software Engineer full-time
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Devops Engineer full-time
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Business Development Manager full-time
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