Safer solutions for underground 3D mapping


Safe, accurate and cost effective asset surveying

Our award-winning, flagship product, primarily used to collect condition and location data across subterranean assets, especially for water and wastewater infrastructure.

In development

Dragonfly™ sensor system

Light-weight sensor for robots and drones with a 360° field of view

Dragonfly™ is a lightweight sensor system that can be used for IR imaging and navigation in dark environments. Its processing software produces dense 3D point cloud data and can be used for simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) on robots and drones.

Part of the Prometheus project Find out more
Prometheus drone

Autonomous drone for exploring confined unknown enviroments

The Prometheus drone is an autonomous reconfigurable robotic platform for inspecting underground GPS denied environments and confined spaces. It utilises our Dragonfly™ sensor and can be deployed through 150mm boreholes, where it can be used to inspect and map unknown environments.

£2.2 million grant awarded Find out more

Robot for inspecting and repairing pressure vessels

Chimera is being developed to inspect and repair pressure vessels across the Energy sector. It can also be utilised to conduct inspections in other confined spaces. Headlight is developing the SLAM software to localise and aid with autonomous navigation, and generating 3D point clouds for inspection of these assets.

£3.5 million grant awarded Find out more
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